Hello there! My name is Jennifer and welcome to Herbal Vineyards. Here's my little story on how this brand got started: 

In 2015, I hit rock bottom. I had no idea what was going on with me. My skin was extremely inflamed, my scalp was red and constantly irritated. My self perception and confidence was depleting right before my eyes. 

I went to a dermatologist and I was told that I have psoriasis which are red, scaly patches of the skin, which often itch or burn. I was prescribed topical steroids and shampoos. I was excited because I thought my skin would finally heal. Time went by and the prescriptions stopped working. My skin actually got worse. I was confused. I thought my skin issues were gone. I knew I had to figure out the true cause of my psoriasis outbreaks.


I began researching natural remedies and I stumbled across Sea Moss. I’ve been taking Sea Moss since 2019 and it has dramatically changed my life. If only I knew about it sooner!! 

This amazing superfood is so powerful and has so many healing properties. The benefits of consuming Sea Moss are too many to begin to list. Not to mention, you can apply the Sea Moss Gel to your face as a mask.

Since I’ve incorporated Sea Moss into my life, my skin health has improved tremendously. My energy levels have increased, I think better, I look better and FEEL better. 

Trust me, Sea Moss has become popular for a reason. Experience nature's most premium superfood today! 


With Love, 

Jennifer N.

Co-founder & CEO, Herbal Vineyards 

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