Why Your Grandparents Should Take Sea Moss Regularly?

Irish moss or simply sea moss has tons of amazing health benefits. That is why it’s time that we all should start including sea moss in our daily lives especially our grandparents. 

It’s difficult to include all the goodness and benefits of sea moss in one article, but we have tried to narrow down the top benefits of why sea moss is important for our health. 

This spiny sea vegetable is believed to contain 92 (out of 102) of the most important minerals and vitamins that our bodies are made of. No wonder why it's so popular these days.

The list of potential health benefits can go on but we have gathered the top reasons why we think it’s about time to include this superfood in our daily lives, especially when it’s about our grandparents. 

With age, our body functions decline making us susceptible to a host of infections. Sea moss bolsters immunity and improves body functions in a number of ways. It is highly beneficial for the elderly population.

Sea Moss Builds a Strong Immune System: Sea moss is believed to help build a stronger immune system. A study in salmon fish found that the 'supplemental seaweed' seems to have improved the overall immune modulation and its response. Although more research needs to be done on it, this study shows great potential benefits for our immune systems.

It Bolsters Gut Health: This species of red algae is an incredible source of live bacteria and fiber. Both of them are considered wonderful for healthy gut microbiome. So adding a bit of sea moss to the daily diet of our grandparents might well help them with a better and stronger gut.

Sea Moss is Good for Heart: According to some studies, it is shown that sea moss reduces bad cholesterol (LDL). Not only that but it also acts as a blood thinner. All these combined would be great for heart health and can surely reduce the risks of heart diseases. 

Blood Sugar Management: Another study revealed that one of the compounds found in sea moss called fucoxanthin seems to reduce high blood sugar. This indicates that the people who don't have ideal blood sugar levels and are looking for ways to help fight this condition should go for it. 

Parkinson’s Disease: It's one of the most common degenerative diseases that are typically found in people of older ages. How this disease affects is that it slows the movement, creates tremors and stiffness, etc. 

A study conducted on worms showed that the extracts from sea moss decrease the signs of stiffness and helped with the slowness of movements. This can mean so much to the older people that are struggling with the disease. On the other hand, we can also do well to add some sea moss to the food of our grandparents.


This trendy superfood might be a supplement more than food. And it surely needs more research and studies as the benefits aren't well researched and there's a lot that we don't know.

With that said, we can include it in our grandparents' food to notice if they feel any better. Because after all, there's no harm in giving it a try as consuming sea moss isn't dangerous.






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