Sea Moss for Sexual Health

Among other things like thyroid health and weight loss, sea moss has also gained popularity for improving male and female reproductive and sexual health. 

Such claims are supported by the fact that sea moss is routinely used in the Caribbean as a natural male aphrodisiac for men, and people say that it also improves sperm count and testosterone levels. 

As for women, the nutrients and minerals in sea moss – vitamin B, iodine, zinc and calcium – are said to boost female fertility and help with delayed pregnancy.

So, are these claims true? 

Let’s take a look at what research says specifically about sea moss and male and female sexual health. 

Sea Moss and Male Sexual Health

The evidence regarding sea moss being a male aphrodisiac is generally anecdotal. But, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If you’re eating sea moss with the goal of enhancing your sexual desire or function, there’s definitely nothing wrong with it. 

But the question here is: does sea moss actually increase testosterone levels in men? More importantly, does higher testosterone imply higher fertility rates? 

Short answer: there is no scientific research that suggests sea moss increases testosterone, and higher testosterone levels are not linked to increased fertility.

However, there is a plus side and sea moss can definitely help.

Sea moss is a nutrient powerhouse, and they contribute significantly to a healthy diet, which can help ease certain problems relating to male infertility, such as obesity.

Sea Moss and Female Sexual Health

As opposed to male fertility, claims about sea moss and female fertility hold better ground.

Take folate, for example. A 100-gram helping of sea moss contains182 micrograms (mcg) of folate. That equals almost half of the daily 400 mcg recommendation for women. Folate supplementation is routinely prescribed to women who are trying to conceive. Research also shows that this nutrient improves pregnancy rates.

This makes sea moss a rich and natural source of folate which can potentially help women who are struggling to conceive. 

Let’s move on to zinc, a mineral that has been researched in animals specifically for its effects on egg quality. Presently, zinc is recommended if you’re trying to conceive.

And on a side note: folate and zinc can also help improve sperm quality.

Despite many claims, there isn’t any data recorded for iodine and sea moss. However, it is widely known that iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism, which might affect fertility.

On the other hand, excess iodine can lead to other thyroid problems. And sea moss is known to be extremely rich in iodine. So it must be taken in limited amounts and with caution.

Bottom Line: despite there being no research suggesting that sea moss does improve fertility in women, its robust mineral and nutrient profile qualifies it as being a natural and safe supplement for women looking to improve their sexual health and fertility.


Despite there being limited research, sea moss does possess the nutrients that are good for sexual health.

However, herbal supplements such as these are not regulated like medicines, so consuming excess amounts of sea moss could increase your risk for other health problems.

Always consult a doctor before trying any such supplement for fertility. And once you’re ready to try it out, look through our products and we’re sure we can help you out.


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