Sea Moss Cucumber Salad

Sea Moss Cucumber Salad

Sea moss has taken over the world primarily because of its many health benefits. But what many people don’t know about sea moss is that it can also be used to make some super delicious salads. In this brief, we are going to have a look at the sea moss cucumber salad. Cucumber is a refreshing feature in any food, couple it with sea moss, and you have a treat on your hands! So, without further ado, let us start cooking!


Here are the ingredients that you will need to whip up a great sea moss cucumber salad:

1- One cup of soaked and blended sea moss gel

2- Two cucumbers, slice them.

3- One red onion in sliced form

4- 1 tsp. cilantro

5- 1 tsp. Chopped mint.

6- 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar

7- 1 tsp. olive oil

8- Please add salt and pepper according to your taste.


Here is what you must do to make a great sea moss cucumber salad!

1- First, please soak the sea moss in the water. Normally, it takes around four hours before it softens. 2

2- Then, please rinse the sea moss thoroughly. Convert it to a gel by blending it with fresh water.

3- It is time to mix sea moss gel, sliced cucumbers, and sliced red onions.

4- Next up, chuck in the cilantro and mint.

5- Got that apple cider vinegar? Drizzle it all over the salad!

Your sea moss cucumber salad is ready! You can serve it as a single dish or with the main course.

Sea Moss Health Benefits

Here are the potential health benefits of sea moss that will make you crave this salad even more!

  • It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, and potassium.
  • It supports immune system function.
  • Sea moss is great for healthy digestion and gut health.
  • Sea moss can also the skin health and reduce inflammation.
  • Sea moss keeps hormonal balance in order.

Final Thoughts

Well, folks, there you are. After reading this blog, we hope your knowledge of sea moss recipes has increased by a notch. We are sure this sea moss cucumber salad will be a fresh addition to your cuisine. And if you need fresh sea moss to whip up this amazing salad, Herbal Vineyards is the place to visit! There is no dearth of fresh sea moss products at this stop.


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