Is Sea Moss Safe for Children?

Aside from creating the global fear, COVID-19 pandemic has made people turn towards healthy lifestyle and organic diet to boost the immunity. Chondrus Crispus or sea moss has been gaining attention these days because of its immune-boosting, skin-healing, and gut-strengthening properties.

Concerned parents are interested to know what sea moss is and whether it will shield their children against the disease and disease-causing organisms.

Sea moss issurely an ultimate source of essential nutrients and minerals for children. However, you reap its benefits only when it is used in moderation. Without proper directions of its usage, this excitement can navigate the public towards the side effects of sea moss. Anything used in extremes is dangerous for health and so is sea moss because of its high iodine content. 

So, what’s the safety threshold of sea moss for children? What are the precautions for its usage? 

Let’s look at the evidence-based information regarding the safe supplemental use of sea moss in the children.

Sea Moss - Rich in Iodine & Fibers

Sea moss has an abundance of fibers, i.e.,22.25 g fibers/100 g. Fibers necessary for the healthy gut maintenance in children. Its regular use promotes beneficial gut bacteria and lowers the harmful bacteria. 

A teenager requires 20-30g of fiber daily. So, the regular use of sea moss is safe, however, the excess intake may disturb the flora and create problems in the digestive processes.

The problem of the thyroid gland comes with the high quantity of iodine in Irish moss. The daily recommended iodine intake is less than 225 mcg. As the iodine in sea moss is 4mg/1g of sea moss, you better be cautious when it comes to excessive intake of iodine

So, generally, taking 2 to 4 tablespoons of sea moss is marked as safe and healthy for your thyroid. Children and adults having thyroid problems should consult their physician before using sea moss.

Final Thoughts

Children are naturally picky and it is rather difficult to add something different to their routine diet. Sea Moss is safe for children and adults because it is a rich source of fiber and iodine. It promotes a healthy digestive system, but you should be careful to consume it in moderate amounts. It’s better to consult the nutritionist before you start sea moss for your children. 

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