Iodine and Sea Moss - Why Iodine is Essential for You

Fans across the world are touting sea moss for its health benefits. Health-enthusiast and fitness freaks encourage the use of sea moss and often regard it as a superfood. There is no doubt seaweeds are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, and sea moss is no exception. It is a factory of multiple nutrients that promote health and general wellbeing.

Sea moss is nature's multivitamin that contains several vitaminsand minerals. One of the many minerals is iodine that is vital for your health. Iodine is involved in thyroid health and the metabolism of the body. Diets deficient in iodine are rare, but any deficiency can lead to severe disorders. 

But before going into the details, we must understand what sea moss is and why its iodine content is essential for you.

What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a red alga that grows in North Atlantic and Caribbean waters.It has long been used asa thickening agent and preservative in foods and certain medications. However, sea moss is occupying the limelight today for its nutritional content.Sea moss 92 essential minerals that your body requires for its normal functioning. 

Sea Moss and Iodine

Iodine is one of the rarest elements found on earth. It is present in oceans, where small plants and animals store it in their tissues.The fact that sea moss grows in seawater helps it to absorb iodine from water, thereby making sea moss a rich source of iodine. Sea moss contains 47mg of iodine per gram, which is considerable.

Why is Iodine Essential for You?

Iodine is the rarest element, but it is also one of the most needed nutrients for your body. Our body requires a significant amount of iodine daily for its proper functioning. According to the National Institutes of Health, 150mcg of iodine is the daily recommended amount for an adult.

Now, let’s see what functions iodine performs in our bodies:

  • Thyroid Health

Iodine is a must for the production of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland in the body produces hormones. Thyroid hormones affect metabolism, heart rate, and many other physiological processes. The deficiency of iodine can cause problems like:

  • Goiter, an enlarged thyroid gland
  • Weight gain
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tiredness
  • Fetal and infant development

Iodine is also crucial for pregnant and nursing women. It passes to your child via the placenta and breast milk. Severe iodine deficiency can result in stunted growth and intellectual disability in your child. Similarly, it causes lower-than-average IQ and decreasedability to work and think in children. 

But if you take sea moss products, the iodine content will do wonders for you and your child.

  • Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Fibrocystic breast disease causes lumpy and painful breasts. Consumption of a high iodine diet can reduce this problem and other symptoms associated with fibrocystic breast disease. However, it is wise to consult a medical professional before taking iodine for this condition, as a high quantity of iodine may have severe consequences. 

Are High Quantities of Iodine Harmful?

Sea moss supplements may prove harmful in some individuals. Excess iodine consumption may cause a burning feeling, fever, stomach pain, diarrhea, and a weak pulse. In severe cases, it may lead to thyroid cancer and coma. In addition,  As it passes into breast milk, so it may cause harm to your child as we need more research to support the use of seaweeds in pregnant women. 

But do not worry!

The exact amount of iodine depends on the brand of seaweed you are using, but it usually does not exceed the required daily intake. Research suggests that sea moss consumption in small amounts does not pose a health risk. However, it is necessary to respect the consumption guidelines mentioned on the seaweed label.

Final Comments:

Sea moss has a stellar health profile. The iodine content helps to fulfill your body's daily requirement of iodine. If used regularly, sea moss can do wonders. Always go for the brands that sell high-quality sea mossproducts with optimum iodine content. Check sea moss supplements at Herbal Vineyards to buy high-quality sea moss adequate in iodine.


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