Health Benefits of Amino Acid Content of Sea Moss

Moss Is Magic!

They say that sea moss is the next big thing, not without reason! There is an immense range of benefits that sea moss has to offer. From providing a vital boost to the immune system to lowering blood pressure, from lowering blood cholesterol to maintaining gut health, sea moss has all the benefits any fitness freak dreams of! But have you ever stopped and wondered what makes sea moss such a bundle of nutrition? Many healthy ingredients are found in sea moss; amino acids are one such crucial component. 

Let us find out how these amino acids add more value to sea moss! 

Sea Moss Amino Acid Profile & Benefits 

Sea moss has a protein and amino acid content percentage comparable to beef on a gram-to-gram basis. Of course, we do not forget that seaweed is not consumed in as much quantity as beef. Now, there are many amino acids found in sea moss. Among the most notable ones, lysine tops the table. It is an essential amino acid found in many other terrestrial plants like corn and maize. But don't let it think you for a moment that these are the only amino acids found in sea moss. Far from it, it is a rich source of many amino acids, including histidine, serine, arginine, glycine, aspartic acid, proline, tyrosine, methionine, and valine. It is pertinent to mention that the exact amount of these amino acids varies from one species to another. However, one thing is for certain. Our body needs these amino acids for protein building, which is what eating sea moss furnishes. Marine algae's protein profile has already been compared to that of eggs, which is like the highest level in the protein world, right? Amino acids like taurine are popular among fitness freaks since they help the body burn fat and build muscles. Another great thing about sea moss is that its bioavailability is quite high. So, plenty of boxes get ticked if you opt for sea moss, right? All backed by science!

The health benefits of consuming seaweed are too many to be described in this short brief. But here are some of them:

1- Cardioprotective effects, for example, reduction of blood pressure. 

2- Antidiabetic activity

3- Improvement in Parkinson's disease symptoms 

4- Increased iron absorption 

5- An alternative source of dietary fiber 

It is a list that can go on and onBut we are bound by the limitations of time and space! 

Final Thoughts 

So there you are. Plenty has been said in this discussion about the many health benefits of sea moss. Trust us; we can say plenty more too. Unfortunately, though, we have run out of the time and space we had for this brief. Looking for quality sea moss and sea moss-derived products, Herbal Vineyards is the perfect place to shop; the diversity will blow your mind! We bid you farewell from this space with that little prod in the right direction! 


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