Essential Amino Acids in Sea Moss and How They Benefit your Health

For the human body, amino acids are an essential building block. They are essential for building proteins that make up your muscles, enzymes for reaction, and growth as well. For those who don't know, amino acids are divided into essential amino acids and non-essential. Unlike non-essential amino acids that the body can synthesise, essential amino acids can not be produced by the body and must be taken via diet. This is the real challenge as the diet rich in micronutrients and nutraceuticals and amino acids are either not cheap or do not have enough quality of the essential amino acids in them. This problem of cheap and quality protein deficiency is fueling the search for a new, low-cost protein source. 

Sea Moss is one of those foods and nutrient-rich supplements containing a balanced amount of all the essential amino acids. In addition, the relatively large quantity of nitrogen compounds in sea moss plays a significant role in the difficulty, as mentioned earlier. As a result, sea moss has emerged as an alternative source of high-nutrition components.

Sea moss contains a variety of nutritional qualities that are unique and fascinating. Its protein contents, for example, range from 5% to 47% of dry weight of essential protein.

Its value is influenced by the species and the surrounding environment. Sea moss protein, for example, contains all amino acids, including glycine, alanine, arginine, proline, glutamic, aspartic acids, and methionine. Essential amino acids (EAAs) make up more than half of algal protein, according to research. Total amino acids and their proteins have a profile that is comparable to that of protein obtained from eggs.

How essential is amino acid rich sea moss good for your health?

Nothing compares to a well-balanced diet. A diet rich in amino acids is as necessary for sustaining your body as breathing. Following a few lines, briefly describe the importance of essential amino acids in making you healthy. 

Essential Amino acids and protein synthesis: 

Essential amino acids (EAA) are required for initiating the synthesis of proteins. For example, methionine is one of the sulphur-containing amino acids parts of every protein, and no protein can form without it. 

Enzymes: your body comprises billions of small enzymes that perform virtually every function. These enzymes are made up of EAA and Non-EAA. For example, the amino acids found in seaweed contain many EAA that form enzymes to keep your metabolism intact and healthy. 

General health: EAA is also essential as an energy source for your body. Some amino acids are used as a source of energy and transport harmful material in your body. Without these EAA, your body will not be able to grow and take out the toxic components of your body. 

Pregnancy and sea moss: as sea moss is found to have a perfect balance of EAA, it is essential for the development of the foetus in the womb. As a foetus develops rapidly, it needs a constant supply of EAA, which the sea moss can supply. 

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