Different Ways of Using Sea Moss

Sea moss is the topic of the day for its numerous health benefits. People worldwide add this fantastic ingredient to their diets and reap its multiple benefits. Initially, it was used as a thickening agent, but there are now various ways to incorporate sea moss to make delicious recipes. 

Let’s explore what is sea moss and how you can use it?

What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is the miracle herb from the sea. It grows along with North America, Europe, and the Caribbean coasts. The red algae have long been famous for treating various illnesses

Sea moss is nature's multivitamins. It contains several vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin D, B complex, etc. Moreover, sea moss has over 90 essential minerals, making it highly nutritious. In addition, it is scientifically proven to boost the immune system and help you reduce weight. Further, sea moss promotes metabolism, revitalizes your energy, and builds lean muscles. 

The presence of vitamins and nutrients makes it one of the healthiest diets for you. Now, look at how you can use sea moss to make delicious foods. 

Different Sea Moss Recipes: 

There are several delicious ways to add this miracle herb to your diet. We have gathered some of the easiest ways you can use sea moss. 

To add sea moss to your foods, you first need to prepare the algae and blend it into a gel. It has a thick consistency and acts as a perfect base for most recipes. 

Sea Moss Recipe 1: Sea Moss Smoothie:

After preparing the sea moss gel, you can add it to your favorite smoothies. You can try bananas, raspberries, blueberries, spinach, and sprouts; it goes well with almost everything. Just add three tablespoons of sea moss gel and blend it in your smoothie. This recipe will give you all the essential nutrients with your favorite ingredients. 

Vegans can also add sea moss gel to their preferred foods and get the most out of it.

Sea Moss Recipe 2:  Sea Moss Acai Bowl:

You need to add the sea moss gel with acai berries for this recipe. This combination serves as the base of your food. Then add your favorite toppings such as kiwis, coconut flakes, seeds, and nuts. You will not feel the taste of sea moss but will reap all its health benefits. 

Sea Moss Recipe 3: Add Sea Moss to Your Boiled Foods For Texture:

Boiled rice and beans are the easiest to cook. However, you invest a little time and energy to make this recipe. Add 2 – 3 tablespoons of sea moss gel to rice before draining them to give a better texture to your food. Then add your boiled beans to the mixture and enjoy this delicious recipe. 

Sea Moss Recipe 4: Sea Moss Custard:

You can make a delicious and healthy dessert with this amazing seaweed. For this, you will need a half cup of sea moss gel to cook an entirely dairy-free custard. Then add three egg yolks, milk nut, and flax seeds and enjoy. 


Sea moss is a great seaweed that you can make delicious foods. Make sure you buy sea moss that comes from purely natural origins. It will give several health benefits and a delightful taste. Try our products at the Herbal Vineyards store and get the best quality sea moss today.


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