Developing a Weight Loss Routine with Sea Moss

You must have heard all the good things about sea moss and may now be wondering if it can also help with weight loss. If this is the question that’s running in your mind, then you have come to the right place.

We have answers for you!

Around the world, there are more than 1.9 billion people that are overweight. Although we all agree that being overweight is not be the best way to live, we have to understand it’s not even a choice. People are not overweight because they want be like that. Sometimes our weight is not in control and keeps fluctuating. Weight management is a highly challenging task for many of us. 

But are there natural, no-pharmaceuticals solutions?


Sea moss might well do the trick for you.

  • It Makes you Feel Full and Curbs Cravings

There are reasons why people believe sea moss can help them in losing weight. There's evidence behind it. Irish moss and other microalgae are an excellent source of carrageenan. Carrageenan is a spongy-compound that absorbs water and becomes something like a Jell-O, and exactly because of this, carrageenan is not so easily digested

In other and simpler words, consuming sea moss will make you feel full. You will no longer feel hunger pangs and cravings to eat starchy food. Sea moss essentially stops overeating.

  • Sea Moss Contains Fucoxanthin which Decreases Fat in Your Body

Another incredible feature about seaweed is that it has a compound called fucoxanthin. Now, what this compound does is that it supports fat metabolism.

A mouse study showed that sea moss is particularly effective in overweight or obese individuals since fucoxanthin speeds about fat metabolism and weight loss

Similarly, another 12-week research conducted on 78 overweight people (with a BMI between 23-30 kg/m2) showed that sea moss helped with weight loss. The participants consumed 1,000 mg of sea moss every day for three months and noticed visible changes in weights.


Although more research is needed, there's no doubt that sea moss is an incredible product that helps with weight loss. It speeds up fat loss and helps you get in shape in a few months. Make slight changes in your daily routine to improve your health. Start working out, take proper sleep and add sea moss to your diet. Dubbed a superfood, sea moss is nothing but goodness. Pick your favourite sea moss product from Herbal Vineyard collection and add your favorite nuts or fruits and make sea moss smoothies. It can also be your pre or post-workout drink. You can also add this spiny plant to your desserts and even soups.


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